Today on the Six of Clubs in Cancer, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Moon card in the Waking Spread which is the Eight of Hearts. This reading is primarily about the 6♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 3/30, 4/28, 5/26, 6/24, 7/22, 8/20, 9/18, 10/16, 11/14, and 12/12.

The 6♣️ continues intentional thought, planning, and communicating. When Unconscious, one manipulates others to fulfill needs and complete obligations. When Awakened, one recognizes the shared opportunities that can be accessed in cooperation with others that do not see the values inherent in a situation, and one’s appreciation for others’ roles spreads light and joy as partnership effects the intended outcomes.

One comes into this life with a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. These are usually conceptualized as the Waking State and the Dreaming State, but they actually blend all of the time and most especially for Cancers. In the subconscious mind of the 6♣️ and particularly Cancers born 6/24 and 7/22 one builds emotional charisma to get needs met.

In early life and pervading one’s conscious thinking; burdensome situations arise that are effectively addressed in conversation with others. One is attracted in adolescence and young adulthood by giving and receiving pleasure and nurture, though the way this pleasure is experienced is usually not the way that one prefers. One gets needs met, one generates much energy, and one may have conflict using a broad perspective to communicate goals, but there are problems when one forces others to perform tasks that they resist. In mid-life and when leading a life balancing the material and spiritual, one works with others effectively to produce success in value propositions for both parties, but one does need to ensure that others do not feel forced. As one matures through obstacles, delays, and struggles; one accomplishes any task when accepting full responsibility for success; there may be disputes with others that one should attempt to ameliorate with diplomacy rather than aggression. As one ages and becomes aware of inconsistencies between opinions and experiences, one learns that affection is most readily and consistently shared when others feel one is prepared to maintain a consistent posture of friendliness and receptivity. In old age and as one retires to contemplate, pray, and meditate; resources and values are developed with leadership and mastery.

The 5♦️ Dreaming and Waking Mirrors indicate that the 6♣️ changes values to address limited resources. One is often concerned how deprivation will impact current relationships, and one clings to material due to concern about material loss and social damage. One also at times experiences an enduring faith that material matters are working themselves out.

The J♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 6♣️ learns to use mental habits that effectively create reliable access to values. One learns to act creatively in the environment to get needs met. One has a great capacity to charm others into providing assistance as needed that results in the other person being grateful for the opportunity to share time with oneself as one has a healing quality when one demonstrates integrity and faith in life.

Intent on advancement, using all of one’s resources; relationships are elevated in awareness so that others are honored and blessed to associate with oneself.