Today on the J♣️ in Aquarius, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Uranus card in the Waking Spread which is 4♥️. This reading is about the J♣️ Birth Card of 1/29, 2/27, 3/25, 4/23, 5/21, 6/19, 7/17, 8/15, 9/13, 10/11, 11/9, and 12/7.

The J♣️ weans self from easy opportunities that keep one weak and lazy, as one’s destiny is an exciting challenge whose planning and execution leads to a full heart.

The 5♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one needs to invite fully satisfying relationships into one’s life even though many will be short lived.

The 9♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that benefits are quick to arrive in response to proactive acceptance of loss, endings, and significant transformation.

The 2♠️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that one is learning to seize opportunities that result in full partnership of co-creative development and sharing.

Aquarius J♣️ uses creative planning and negotiation to facilitate emotional stability in relationships of shared values.

Notable Events 1/29 J♣️/4♥️:

“The Raven” is published in The Evening Mirror in New York, the first publication with the name of the author, Edgar Allan Poe (1845)

Henry Clay introduces the Compromise of 1850 to the U.S. Congress (1850)

The Rubik’s Cube makes its international debut at the Ideal Toy Corp. in Earl’s Court, London (1980)

Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich is removed from office following his conviction of several corruption charges, including the alleged solicitation of personal benefit in exchange for an appointment to the United States Senate as a replacement for then-U.S. president-elect Barack Obama (2009)

Notable Births 1/29 J♣️/4♥️:

William McKinley, American soldier, lawyer, and politician, 25th President of the United States (b 1843)

Anton Chekhov, Russian playwright and short story writer (b 1860)

W. C. Fields, American actor, comedian, and screenwriter (b 1880)

Victor Mature, American actor (b 1913)

John Forsythe, American actor (b 1918)

Oprah Winfrey, American talk show host, actress, and producer, founded Harpo Productions (b 1954)

Greg Louganis, American diver and author (b 1960)

Paul Ryan, American economist and politician, 62nd Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (b 1970)

Notable Deaths 1/29 J♣️/4♥️:

H. L. Mencken, American journalist and critic (d 1956)

Robert Frost, American poet and playwright (d 1963)

Freddie Prinze, American comedian and actor (d 1977)