Today on the 5♦️ in Pisces, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Neptune card in the Waking Spread which is J♦️. This reading is about the 5♦️ Birth Card of 1/22, 2/20, 3/18, 4/16, 5/14, 6/12, 7/10, 8/8, 9/6, 10/4, and 11/2.

The 5♦️ questions the validity of values one has worked toward and makes changes as compelled by current desires and as one develops ideas in communication with others.

The 6♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one needs to develop ideas through writing and speaking in collaboration that propel one toward new ideals and values.

The 6♣️ Waking Mirror indicates that one changes desires with significant ambivalence as one doggedly pursues ideals that one has held for a long time. Friends and family present appealing alternative values that one considers when having difficulty achieving satisfaction.

The 10♣️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that one is learning to recognize and accept the limits of current goals and values by fully studying the outcomes of current methods versus alternatives.

Pisces 5♦️ creatively discovers unexpected values that one develops through writing and collaboration.

Notable Events 2/20 5♦️/J♦️:

The Postal Service Act, establishing the United States Post Office Department, is signed by United States President George Washington (1792)

Rossini’s opera The Barber of Seville premieres at the Teatro Argentina in Rome (1816)

The U.S. Congress approves the Blaine Act to repeal federal Prohibition in the United States, sending the Twenty-first Amendment to the United States Constitution to state ratifying conventions for approval (1933)

Adolf Hitler secretly meets with German industrialists to arrange for financing of the Nazi Party’s upcoming election campaign (1933)

Notable Births 2/20 5♦️/J♦️:

Ansel Adams, American photographer and environmentalist (b 1902)

Gloria Vanderbilt, American actress, fashion designer, and socialite (b 1924)

Robert Altman, American director and screenwriter (b 1925)

Roy Cohn, American lawyer and political activist (b 1927)

Sidney Poitier, Bahamian American actor, director, and diplomat (b 1927)

Mitch McConnell, American lawyer and politician (b 1942)

Charles Barkley, American basketball player and sportscaster (b 1963)

Cindy Crawford, American model and businesswoman (b 1966)

Kurt Cobain, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (b 1967)

Rihanna, Barbadian-American singer-songwriter and actress (b 1988)

Notable Deaths 2/20 5♦️/J♦️:

William Wallace Lincoln, American son of Abraham Lincoln (d 1862)

Frederick Douglass, American author and activist (d 1895)

Walter Winchell, American journalist and actor (d 1972)

Dick York, American actor (d 1992)

Hunter S. Thompson, American journalist and author (d 2005)