Today on the A♠️ in Aries, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mars card in the Waking Spread which is 5♠️. This reading is about the A♠️ Birth Card of 1/13, 2/11, 3/9, 4/7, 5/5, 6/3, and 7/1.

The A♠️ seeks deep experience that can most easily be had by revealing personal secrets in intimate discussion with partners.

The 8♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one needs to co-create and share ideas and  plans to concentrate and direct value.

The 4♥️ Waking Mirror indicates that one seeks harmonious relationships that arise in marriage and family, but deep and powerful desires will pose a continuous threat to serenity.

The 2♥️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that one is learning to become receptive to others’ feelings including negative responses as a method of drawing close to others on an emotional level.

Aries A♠️ needs significant departures from daily routines to satisfy personal desires and maintain peace within relationships and daily activities.

Notable Events 4/7 A♠️/5♠️:

End of Burmese–Siamese War (1765–67) (1767)

John Walker, an English chemist, sells the first friction match that he had invented the previous year (1827)

Mount Vesuvius erupts and devastates Naples (1906)

Prohibition in the United States  is repealed for beer of no more than 3.2% alcohol by weight, eight months before the ratification of the XXI amendment. (Now celebrated as National Beer Day in the United States) (1933)

The Holocaust in Ukraine: In Terebovlia, Germans order 1,100 Jews to undress and march through the city to the nearby village of Plebanivka, where they are shot and buried in ditches (1943)

The World Health Organization  is established by the United Nations (1948)

Development of the neutron bomb is canceled by President  Jimmy Carter (1978)

Rwandan genocide: Massacres of Tutsis begin in Kigali, Rwanda (1994)

First Chechen War: Russian paramilitary troops begin a massacre of civilians in Samashki, Chechnya (1995)

The Israel Defense Forces use their Iron Dome missile system to successfully intercept a BM-21 Grad launched from Gaza, marking the first short-range missile intercept ever (2011)

Notable Births 4/7 A♠️/5♠️:

William Wordsworth, English poet (b 1770)

Will Keith Kellogg, American businessman, founded the  Kellogg Company (b 1860)

Walter Winchell, American journalist and radio host (b 1897)

Billie Holiday, American singer songwriter and actress (b 1915)

Ravi Shankar, Indian American  sitar player and composer (b 1920)

James Garner, American actor, singer, and producer (b 1928)

Daniel Ellsberg, American activist and author (b 1931)

Jerry Brown, American lawyer and politician, 34th and 39th  Governor of California (b 1938)

Francis Ford Coppola, American director, producer, and screenwriter (b 1939)

Jackie Chan, Hong Kong martial artist, actor, stuntman, director, producer, and screenwriter (b 1954)

Russell Crowe, New Zealand Australian actor (b 1964)

Notable Deaths 4/7 A♠️/5♠️:

Taksin, Thai king (d 1782)

P. T. Barnum, American businessman and politician, co-founded The Barnum & Bailey Circus (d 1891)

Henry Ford, American engineer and businessman, founded the Ford Motor Company (d 1947)

Mike Wallace, American television news journalist (d 2012)