Today on the 3♦️ in Aries, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mars card in the Waking Spread which is 7♦️. This reading is about the 3♦️ Birth Card of 1/24, 2/22, 3/20, 4/18, 5/16, 6/14, 7/12, 8/10, 9/8, 10/6, 11/4, and 12/2.

The 3♦️ creatively develops products of value, and one successfully maintains relationships by politely defending personal needs.

The 5♥️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one needs to put values toward higher goals which in turn establishes the nature of identity and leads to significant changes in the nature of all relationships.

The Q♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that one is highly disciplined as one effectively develops values. It is not always pleasant to deprive oneself of pleasure while striving for success, but it is neccessary.

As Sleeping Double Mars, one is learning to aggressively defend personal needs and desires. One can even encourage competition, and so long as one strives to win there is a good chance one succeeds due to fiery zeal and indomitable will.

Aries 3♦️ takes significant risks in fulfilling desires that often results in failures, but one masters feelings in the process, and one ceases most frustrating patterns in relationships.

Notable Events 4/18 3♦️/7♦️:

American Revolution: The British advancement by sea begins;  Paul Revere and other riders warn the countryside of the troop movements (1775)

Three-Fifths Compromise: the first instance of black slaves in the United States of America being counted as three fifths of persons (for the purpose of taxation), in a resolution of the Congress of the Confederation. This was later adopted in the 1787 Constitution (1783)

“The Spirits Book” by Allan Kardec is published, marking the birth of Spiritualism in France (1857)

Gamal Abdel Nasser seizes power in Egypt (1954)

Notable Births 4/18 3♦️/7♦️:

Clarence Darrow, American lawyer (b 1857)

Henry Hyde, American commander, lawyer, and politician (b 1924)

Robert Hanssen, American FBI  agent and double agent (b 1944)

James Woods, American actor and producer (b 1947)

Eric Roberts, American actor (b 1956)

Susan Faludi, American journalist and author (b 1959)

Conan O’Brien, American actor, producer, screenwriter, and talk show host (b 1963)

Notable Deaths 4/18 3♦️/7♦️:

Albert Einstein, German American physicist, engineer, and academic (d 1955)

Dick Clark, American television host and producer, founded Dick Clark Productions (d 2012)