Today on the 10♠️ in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the 7♦️. This reading is about the 10♠️ Birth Card of 1/4 and 2/2.

The 10♠️ insists on complete success in activities of health, service, and spiritual development. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

As Dreaming Double Neptune, one needs to relax and unwind before insisting on success when there are difficulties; the solutions are within oneself, and all becomes clear with dreamy pleasure.

The 6♦️ Waking Mirror never forgets the purpose of one’s efforts, nor does one surrender in defeat; steady and continuous work and intention result in ultimate success.

The 2♣️ Sleeping Mirror learns to calmly and lovingly ask for helpful information and opinions that enable one’s efforts to more quickly produce completed projects.

Capricorn 10♠️ is often dismayed that success is initially denied until one releases obstacles and attachments that permit desires to be approached appropriately for the situation.

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