The K♦️ is born 1/14, 2/12, 3/10, 4/8, 5/6, 6/4, and 7/2. The K♦️ immerses self in desires to master values and direct others. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

The A♦️ Dreaming Mirror needs to try many different methods to fulfill desires while accepting that some methods work with mostly positive consequences and other methods are either blocked entirely or succeed with an array of additional negative consequences.

The 5♠️ Waking Mirror makes dramatic shifts from the usual methods while mastering values; travel, adventure, and varied cultural experiences provide useful guidance.

The A♦️ Sleeping Mirror learns to freely select and develop ideals, plans, and agreements to fulfill desires.

Taurus K♦️/4♣️ learns a more pure way of idealizing life through peaceful coexistence in all pleasure, business, and financial dealings.

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