The 8♦️ is born 1/19, 2/17, 3/15, 4/13, 5/11, 6/9, 7/7, 8/5, 9/3, and 10/1. The 8♦️ reserves, concentrates, and directs material and more subtle values. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

The A♠️ Dreaming Mirror needs to balance ideals with logical grounded reason for planning, negotiating, and agreeing in the pursuit of personal ambition.

As Waking Jupiter Crown, one has the tendency to concentrate the production of value including talents of all types to the point that they become manifest and at full fruition.

The Q♦️ Sleeping Mirror learns to restrain luxurious indulgence to direct all efforts toward higher universal values that benefit the larger community.

Taurus 8♦️/3♥️ develops God-Consciousness through reserve and consolidation of resources coupled with cheerful regard for others and oneself.