The 3♣️ is born 5/29, 6/27, 7/25, 8/22, 9/21, 10/19, 11/17, and 12/15. The 3♣️ selects and develops: ideals, plans, negotiations, and agreements. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

The 10❤️ Dreaming Mirror needs to master values and business to experience social success.

The 2♦️ Waking Mirror partners to co-create and share values and pleasures as a result of talking about ideals and plans.

The 2♦️ Sleeping Mirror learns to exchange values with substitution therapy whereby one admires the values of a partner which are incompatible with current circumstances, so one exchanges circumstances to make the preferred value one’s own.

Cancer 3♣️/5❤️  limits personal satisfaction and variously indulges the senses while developing ideals and trying out new types of relationships. 

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