Today on the Seven of Diamonds in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Jack of Hearts. This reading is about certain aspects of the Jack of Hearts.

The J❤️ is creative love. The J❤️ acts out the desires of others needs for pleasure and release from suffering. The J❤️ falls into rapturous love spontaneously and drunkenly. The J❤️ is the soulful experience of the most driven of individual at the peak of ambition and conquest in one’s life. The J❤️ must learn to think consequences through all the way to the expected conclusions.

The 4♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the J❤️ needs to have personal security and needs to build a lasting structure for living. The J❤️ needs and wants security and is gradually realizing that more love can be manifested when the J❤️ is alive, healthy, well rested, and relaxed about the future. From time to time, however, the J❤️ is likely to see individuals that work hard and focus mostly on building a life that is satisfactory to themselves and their families and to be angry or revolted by this person’s life decisions. The J❤️ wants to be a saviour of the world and thinks there should be a physical sacrifice for the result to manifest. Fortunately, the J❤️ can learn that creative love allows for personal security and love for self as well as for the world.

The 10♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the J❤️ knows that one can feed someone a single meal by giving them a fish, but if one teaches the same person how to catch fish in the water one has saved a life. The J❤️ is a natural teacher bursting with desire to spread the knowledge but along the way the message is often lost as the J❤️ struggles to be heard. The J❤️ meets effective teachers that help the J❤️ to find personal security and with it a center of gravity. From this deeply centered space, the J❤️ gradually becomes followed as the Teacher that this creative lover knows oneself to be.

Today is a good day to love freely while remembering to keep for oneself what one wants everyone to have.