The Real Meaning of the Dream versus Sleep Cards

I have a 3♠️ friend that turned 46 this year, and thus began addressing the 6♦️ Dream issues that have gone unaddressed including not making forward progress in values while accumulating debts of many types that will have to be addressed later.

Meanwhile she relied on the J♦️ Sleep card to get her out of acute issues as they arose.The Sleep card is one’s most positive behaviors and attitudes that are appreciated by others as one’s purpose. But the inherent strengths of the Sleep card can be simply used to ameliorate the difficulties of the Dream card that are unaddressed.

In her case, the intuitive and lucky J♦️ was finding solutions for every problem that arose from not making forward progress and not adhering to core values. The real beauty of the Sleep card comes into play when it is helping the Waking card accomplish its own goals.

For the 3♠️ who makes decisions, the J♦️ finds solutions to every decision and one lives a dynamic and lucky life that for even the most mundane life…borders on magical.

In my own case, as an A♦️ Waking card, I rejected my dependence on others to meet my needs (2♦️ Dream), and so I tried to stay away from people as much as possible. However, I did need others in every area of my life, and I was using the A❤️ Sleep to cajole others to appreciate me when I was offering no relationship of any kind. I lived as a solitary clown for many years. I avoided meaningful work or any responsibility, because I was stuck in the belief that I had nothing that others wanted and it seemed to me that what others offered me came with too many strings. So, I stayed separate which is not a typical positive expression of the 2♦️ that shares pleasures and other values such as business transactions. Whenever i felt depressed with my loner condition, I would court attention and pleasure by acting silly or seeking attention (A❤️) inappropriately with the setting.

People saw me as a clown, and I enjoyed this characterization. But I knew that this behavior was not the real purpose of these fun loving abilities, because I felt deflated afterward. I also was a still a loner even after receiving tremendous levels of public attention at various moments (my seven seconds of fame).

At age 46, one takes on the roles of all three cards at once in a new way. I began working with others to receive my needs to help them receive their needs. I also suffered a reckoning with the dishonesty of my motives in my existing relationships and with a particular relationship that happened to have the 2♦️ Waking Card. I realized that neither of us was as intentional as I had thought in sharing values. I realized I had been trying to woo him to fulfill my desires, and that I had much less involvement with him than I had told myself. Working with others to manifest shared values (2♦️) was the strength I needed to fulfill my own values (A♦️).

In working with others, I began receiving positive attention without intending to please anyone or amuse them. They just liked being with me, and I achieved a gentle level of fame (A❤️) over the next few years as I introduced and shared values (A♦️ and 2♦️). The positive attention that I received over several years helped me to fulfill my own values, as I felt stronger and more worthy.