Personal readings in Houston, Texas or by telephone or virtual session. The Life Reading is an extensive reading that takes your personal history and family connections into consideration, and thus it requires significant study and attention to provide a holistic reading.

The Relationship Astrology reading requires full examination of two separate charts and one composite (combined) chart. Thus, the relationship reading is a significant investment.

A basic card reading may be the most effective reading, and it will be fully interactive between client and reader as there are 350,000 births every day, and the card reader needs help interpreting the cards.

Yes, the cards DO work, but not in a vacuum. You are the best reader of your own cards. David will help you to interpret so you can play this card game the best ever and make significant changes in the game of life.

Massage and other bodywork relieve pain, increase mobility, and improve vitality. David is licensed in the State of Texas. He graduated from the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1994 with the title Natural Therapeutics Specialist. Massage can be done in Houston.

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