Life Reading


Life Cardology reading that introduces one life potential, one’s challenges, and one preferences for happiness. Recommendations for a better present and future will be provided. Reading includes introduction to Birth Card, Planetary Ruling Card, Seven Year and Thirteen Year periods, and Secondary Progressed Planetary Ruling Cards. One can ask a few questions about the past, present, and future that will be explored with the cards. Printed Material will be provided and the reading is recorded for review.


Find out about your life plan with Cardology. We all want to know what the future holds for us, but the best way to  discover the future is to study the past. As a Cardologist, David will re-discover the past with you through the lense of the Cards. As one learns how the cards play out in one’s life, one is able to make predictions about future events. The card patterns repeat throughout a person’s life. One may have the same pattern a few times. We all know the feeling that we wish we could try some time period over again.  With cardology we can pinpoint when influences will repeat, and with understanding of the past, the future can be improved. Your life reading will require a certain amount of digging and discovering the past.  The work that is done will reveal a future of promise and tools to bring a better future into being. Your astrology chart may be consulted as part of the reading. The Life Reading will take 90-120 minutes.

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