Relationship Astrology Consultation


Relationship Astrology reading to find out if you have a Match Made in Heaven or somewhere else.


Relationship Astrology indicates the potential of a current or past relationship using the individual charts and the Composite (Midpoint) Chart of the two individuals. Potentials for happiness and compatibility can easily be revealed.  However, it is also revealed when there is deception, manipulation, arguments, and separation.  A relationship reading examines the charts of each individual as well as the chart of the relationship itself.  Transits and progressions to all charts may be consulted to discover current and future influences to all charts. A relationship reading may be done as quickly as 90 minutes or it may last as long as 120 minutes depending on how many questions and concerns one presents. There is a minimum charge of $200 for the first 90 minutes.  Beyond the initial 90 minutes, billing is done in 15 minute intervals at $100/hour.

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