8 thoughts on “Card and Astrology Reading Reviews

  1. Nestle Ra says:

    The reading I received was very insightful. I would recommend everyone get a reading at least once a year to help navigate through life!

  2. Mark says:

    I got lots of insights that rang very true from my reading with David. I would recommend him to everybody. And I really appreciated the mantra he taught me. I can’t wait to complete it. Thank you so much David.

  3. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    David, I really appreciate what you told me today! Thank you for your insightful words. I would recommend him to anyone, especially if you are at the crossroads.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you Lisa! I am trying to edit my name in your review from Mark to David and totally plan to study the significance of MARK=43~4♠️ in my life today❤️

  4. Joelle says:

    David, Thank you for this very insightful reading. It really expanded on my previous knowledge about the 3 of Diamonds. Prior to this I was only aware of the negative aspects of this card. You have an amazingly unique talent coupled with a hilarious sense of humor that makes getting a reading from you not only enlightening but fun, too! Sending more future customers your way.

    1. admin says:

      Thank you very much Joelle! Happy Birthday! Did you notice you share a birthday with the founder of Cardology, Olney Richmond, author of The Mystic Test Book? February 22 3♦️/9♠️

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