Cardology is the study and predictive practice using the ordinary playing cards. Cardology has been practiced for at least 120 years since Olney Richmond introduced The Mystic Test Book. We do not lay claim to inside knowledge of the cards’ historical roots. We do not lay claim to special inside knowledge. We promote independent research and inquiry into the nature and working of the cards.

Welcome to Independent Cardology. We are a group of independent mystics and thinkers that study the cards and draw independent conclusions. I am David Trieff, founder of Independent Cardology.  I am an astrologer and numerologer.  I have worked with Tarot Card reading off and on for years before settling on the ordinary deck of cards. My aim is to study the cards with you by reading your cards and teaching you how to read them yourself.

I will post a daily reading of some of the day’s cards by which you can begin to grasp the meaning of the cards. I will also be building a library of descriptions of each card as well as showing how to calculate one’s own cards.

I can be reached by email and phone.