Today on the Four of Diamonds in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Eight of Hearts. This reading is about certain aspects of the Eight of Hearts.

The 8❤️ is concentrated authentic feeling. The 8❤️ knows the boundaries between one’s feelings and the feelings of another person. The 8❤️ may choose to not respect the boundaries of others, and respecting boundaries of others and one’s own boundaries is a lifelong effort. The 8❤️ has a talent for amplification of feeling in self and others. Feeling is a powerful tool that has the potential as an energy that can fuel dynamic change of the environment. The 8❤️ can use feelings to motivate self and others to do things they might otherwise neglect to do.

The A♦️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 8❤️ is naturally inclined to desire value and valuables. The 8❤️ should take care to value one’s own feelings more than any item of value. In valuing the integrity of one’s authentic feelings, the 8❤️ does not let boundary violations to cloud one’s self awareness and self enjoyment. The 8❤️ has the tendency to attract value and valuables from others. The 8❤️ is actually known for the ability to receive gifts from others that are magnetized by the 8❤️, and this can be a fortunate experience for the 8❤️ so long as the 8❤️ maintains the integrity of personal boundaries and also takes responsibility for the feelings of the other person. That is a tall order. Most people are not expected to take responsibility for anyone beyond themselves. The 8❤️ goes a step further because the 8❤️ naturally interacts with and amplifies others’ feelings. As such, the 8❤️ already has an energetic relationship with others. The 8❤️ only needs to take responsibility for others’ feelings to the extent and degree that the 8❤️ has played a role in igniting or amplifying or redirecting.

The 2❤️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 8❤️ wants to attract authentic feelings from others very much. There are many different types of persons and the 8❤️ is interested in them all very much as each presents different world views, different personalities, and different types of personal feelings. The 8❤️ has a tendency to get caught up in categorizing potential love mates into one type or another. It is more productive for the 8❤️ to experience each person as an authentic being with individualistic feelings that the 8❤️ can experience and amplify while maintaining personal and relationship boundaries. It will be challenging for the 8❤️ to maintain a neutral perspective with others. Neutral categorization in relationships will produce the greatest gains in life experience for the 8❤️.

Today is a good day to amplify feelings while longing for wealth and love; adhere to the highest personal integrity and give others the freedom to behave authentically.