Today on the Ace of Diamonds in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Five of Hearts. This reading is about certain aspects of the Five of Hearts.

The 5❤️ changes authentic feelings. Changing feelings is an expression of instability and a cause of instability. The 5❤️ has really changed thoughts also and should be clear about the change in thoughts to take pressure off the feelings. An examination of changed thoughts lessens any experience of cognitive dissonance in which a person cannot reconcile thoughts and feelings. So, if changed feelings cause thoughts to change, please accept both. And if thoughts have changed that impacts feelings, please accept both. Ambivalence is painful like being torn in two.

The 5❤️ has intense need to have values structure in life. The 5❤️ may have been raised with a fragile values structure such as a religious upbringing that doesn’t bring comfort when tragedy happens in the course of time. The 5❤️ needs to establish or re-establish a structure of values and this includes a structure of financial values. Those shopping for a spouse have sometimes used wording of their preference that indicates they need someone who is financially secure. If that is a euphemism for wealthy, then so be it. Financially secure also means one who spends less than is earned. The 5❤️ feelings get a buffer from so many changing feelings when values including finances have a secure foundation.

The 9♣️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 5❤️ strives to complete avenues of thought and communication. There may be some rough edges in the 5❤️ mentality that need to be smoothed out. Associates will inform the 5❤️ that actions or words have been inappropriate or unacceptable. The 5❤️ will benefit by accepting significant change to a way of thinking or communicating. The 5❤️ can slip into self-indulgent behavior when confronted by obstacles in communication or obstacles in building a firm foundation of values. The 5❤️ releases tremendous potential when engaging purposeful values. The 5❤️ can plant new valuable seeds in life that result in a rich harvest. Planting seeds and then nurturing growth in one’s values is the way to success for the 5❤️.

The 3♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 5❤️ wants to easily make decisions about values. The 5❤️ is able to make rapid value decisions but needs to nurture the capability. The 5❤️ tries to maintain continuous unobstructed feelings through purposeful feelings which is anathema to the 5❤️ life plan that is about changing feelings. Steady feelings have a purpose and in relationships they are useful as they provide stability. But for the 5❤️ they are simply a lie. The 5❤️ releases tremendous energy by nurturing values. When the 5❤️ needs to make a value decision, it is useful to nurture and facilitate the sense of value that currently exists. One can value what one already possesses. One can value something that one has in short supply. The 5❤️ needs to be honest with one self and admit what is valuable and focus on that. As value is nurtured, it becomes very clear to the 5❤️ what the value decision is in any given situation.

Today is a good day to admit that thoughts and feelings have changed and one can make a value decision that helps to complete a line of thinking and communicating that needs to be altered or ended.