Today on the Four of Clubs in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Jack of Spades. This reading is about certain aspects of the Jack of Spades.

The J♠️ creates experience. Experience arises from thought. The J♠️ is primarily a thinker. The J♠️ uses thought to choose manifested experience. At the highest level of development, the J♠️ uses this ability to teach others how to perform a specific task and the J♠️ is attended as a teacher by others that recognize the J♠️ has abilities that have been consistently manifested. Prior to this advanced level of development, the J♠️ has to maintain a balanced mentality to allow effective manifestation on a consistent level. The J♠️ gets recognized as excellent right away as experiences happen in which the J♠️ does exceedingly well at an advanced level. Then, the J♠️ thinks mastery has been achieved and becomes euphoric temporarily. Failure at the same or similar task results as the J♠️ has not properly attended thought as experiences have been manifested. Gradually, the J♠️ learns to attend and balance thought so that successful thinking becomes the rule in the life of the J♠️.

The 9♦️ Waking Mirror of the J♠️ indicates that the J♠️ has much to offer the world. The J♠️ struggles in life while thinking that the struggle is entirely personal or for family and/or friends. Gradually the J♠️ realizes that the life purpose requires giving valuable information and products to the world freely and without resentment. In the lead up to this altruism, the J♠️ flirts with altruism and also flirts with resisting a generous spirit. The J♠️ primarily identifies with action, but action leads to a destination, and in the case of the J♠️ the destination is wealth. Wealthy people are viewed early on as untrustworthy as they hoard money and share privilege with one another. Thus the J♠️ may feel inclined to steal to get them back. Gradually, the J♠️ becomes wealthy oneself and in teaching others successful and wealth producing practices, the J♠️ realizes that wealth is most naturally shared rather than hoarded.

Today is a good day to practice creative skills that lead to mastery and wealth that will be selflessly shared with others.