Today on the Three of Clubs in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Nine of Hearts. This reading is about certain aspects of the Nine of Hearts.

The 9❤️ completes love cycles. Love runs a course that entails birth, development, maturity, loss, and renewal. A new born baby emanates and receives love, thus life starts with love. The opposite of love completion are love beginnings. Love beginnings are always in mind for the 9❤️ who identifies with them as strongly as love loss.

Love is already mature with the 9❤️. This card interacts with mature people and circumstances. Situations and people that are mature are close to entering the loss stage of a cycle. The 9❤️ is attractive and attracted to idealistic persons that have concentrated methods of living that can be considered mature and therefore approach the loss stage of a cycle. The 9❤️ is attractive to persons that may be worried about loss. The 9❤️ has experienced loss and others sense this reality, and therefore find beauty in the 9❤️.

The 9❤️ understands that love and compatibility arise from one’s mental habits. Habits reach maturity and later enter the loss stage also. The 9❤️ is very attractive to persons that already have mature mental habits. The 9❤️ is in turn attracted to folks that are approaching the point of being ready to make a change. The 9❤️ senses that loss is needed for renewal and identification with the agitation for a change of value is attractive to the 9❤️ as the need for change is a key ingredient for loss. The 9❤️ is likely to encounter loss of value including assets and money as life cycles of others and situations enter the loss cycle. The 9❤️ selects partners that are hungry for a change in values. The 9❤️ loves those that are willing to cooperate in the mature part of cycles with perhaps subconscious understanding that things come to an end. There is great pleasure loving others that are deeply similar to ourselves.

Today is a good day to take stock of the benefits one is receiving in one’s mature relationships, recognize that change is inevitable, acknowledge that change is part of the love cycle, and enjoy the time one has with loved ones.