Today on the Two of Clubs in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Jack of Diamonds. This reading is about certain aspects of the Jack of Diamonds.

The Jack of Diamonds demonstrates creativity with values. When awakened, the J♦️ uses creativity to invent value that was not previously available. When dreaming, the J♦️may hesitate to take the value that is even freely available. The J♦️ is essentially a mystic. One may not know one is walking in two or more realms simultaneously, but others will be mystified by the presence of the J♦️ who may magnanimously deliver affection and caring while personally also receiving benefit. Others may take pains periodically to deliver joy and affection, but it’s no trouble for the J♦️.

The 6♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the the J♦️ does well to have routines in daily life. Within positive routines, the J♦️ works cooperatively with others and unexpected rewards flow to this Jack. It is possible that the J♦️ does not perform meritorious deeds or even does as little as possible on a daily basis while coasting through life. The J♦️ needs to be careful of Universal blowback in such cases. The J♦️ experiences both the positive and the negative aspects of karma in daily life.

The K❤️ Dreaming Mirror provides periodic nudges toward a profound acceptance of love as a way of life. The J♦️ enjoys others and loves to talk. The J♦️ discovers many aspects of others’ lives through conversation which is a talent of the J♦️. The J♦️ is often tempted to use information that is derived in conversation with others for personal benefit. And throughout the life of the J♦️ there will be experimentation with misusing others’ personal details. But, these experiences trouble the J♦️. The J♦️may gradually realize that love requires transpersonal consciousness in which one views others’ needs and desires with equanimity to one’s own needs and desires. The J♦️ begins taking steps to repair aspects of one’s personality that negatively impact others before needing to address them to get personal needs met. The J♦️ ironically progresses from an easy going somewhat self seeking individual to a beacon of light and joy.

The J♦️ has the potential experience of hitting low bottoms and then riding the wave back up to the crest. This is a hallmark of a mystical life…living two or more lives.

Today is a good day to feel blessed and magical; open the eyes and ears; smell and feel: Life is still good though always fleeting.