Today on the King of Hearts in Libra, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Venus card in the life spread which is the Six of Hearts. This reading is about certain aspects of the Six of Hearts.

The 6❤️ has been called the Peacemaker. This card actually defends oneself quite a bit on the way to peace with others. Peace and surrender are not the same. The 6❤️ knows how to fight. The 6❤️ is the sibling rivalry card. The 6❤️ is the card of family enmeshment. The struggle for this card is finding peace within oneself first. Once peace has been established within oneself through a quiet mind, one is then able to address any dispute that may arise between self and others. The 6❤️, when awakened, is able to creatively share resources and produce more resources. Distribution of resources is the main conflict that arises between people whether the resource is land, food, water, or loving caresses, or the availability of peace and quiet in an obscure part of a shared home.

The 6❤️ longs for the comfort of prosperity and affluence. The 6❤️ does not naturally move in the direction of great wealth. There are first incidents of recognizing the value of wealth. The 6❤️ has difficulty budgeting at times, and the 6❤️ may struggle to repay debts. The 6❤️ should definitely avoid all debts and especially during two time periods: 28-35 and 52-65 because debt during these times periods can cause serious problems.

The 10♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 6❤️ has the capacity to produce great prosperity for oneself. Financial wealth smooths out alot of bumps in life and in relationships. The 6❤️ needs to learn to pay close attention to one’s inner voice for what career is best, what marriage partner is best, what investment is superior for one’s resources. The 6❤️ needs to listen to the wisdom of one’s mother. The 6❤️ must follow inner wisdom first and foremost, but balance intuitive grasp with others’ valid experience. The 6❤️ will grow and mature to be completely self possessed and able to make the most solid values decisions. And wealth will naturally grow in the life of the 6❤️.

Today is a good day to find peace within as preparation for loving others with gentle bearing while developing one’s own prosperity.