Today on the Six of Hearts in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the life spread which is the Ten of Diamonds. Pluto card and the Dreaming Mirror are the same for the 6❤️… the 10♦️. This reading is about certain aspects of the Ten of Diamonds.

The 10♦️ is fullness and success in value. When dreaming, the 10♦️ may attempt to tell oneself that prosperity has already been achieved before it actually has been established. One may recognize that prosperity it relative and think that whether rich or poor, so long as one has money to pay for neccesities one has relative prosperity. This type of thinking helps one along the way to prosperity. When waking, the 10♦️ attends to the work that is yet unfinished and fully engages the work. Once all the work has been done, the 10♦️ realizes that full prosperity is different than the positive feeling regarding relative progress.

The 6❤️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that steady feeling is an attribute of the 10♦️. The 6❤️ needs to provide a calm organized mind in order to maintain steady feeling. When one is striving for wealth accumulation, the mind can go in many directions at once and calm can be elusive. Allowing the thoughts to roam free while giving them gentle attention is the method that calms them most readily. Thoughts naturally settle down when given gentle attention without engaging them. Each thought gradually settles into a comfortable area of mind. At this calm point, one is able to make decisions about values and valuables. Efficient values decision-making sustains steady feelings for the 10♦️.

Today is a good day to recognize that full prosperity is a process that continues once it appears to have been attained as it requires that feelings remain steady so that effective financial decisions can be made to sustain prosperity.