Today on the Four of Diamonds in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the Waking Spread which is the King of Spades. This reading is about certain aspects of the King of Spades.

The K♠️ is one of three fixed cards. As a fixed card, the K♠️ does not move from spread to spread but most of the surrounding cards do move. This reading will study some differences between the Sleeping, Dreaming, and Waking K♠️. Sleeping is the Unconscious, Dreaming is the Subconscious, and Waking is the Conscious. Each state impacts motivations and behaviors of each card. There are strengths and weaknesses that flow from each level of awareness into one’s manifested life experience.

The Sleeping K♠️senses the organization of the material world and recognizes that an organized mind is the key to the treasure chest. The K♠️ also recognizes that there is nothing free on any level. The K♠️ knows that all treasure removed from the chest is owed to some other part of the Universe as all matter is only borrowed for use before being returned. The K♠️ learns to treat possessions like library books that one takes good care of in preparation for their return. Meanwhile, the items are to be enjoyed. The K♠️
senses that pleasure is found due to the mental habits one cultivates. The Sleeping K♠️is capable of using existing mental habits to attract a mate, to love, and to share joy, empathy,and pleasure.

The Dreaming K♠️escapes love partners very quickly owing to personal thinking that is dissonnant from that of lovers. The K♠️ initially approaches a mate with certainty that the mate is absolutely desired. The approach is with full confidence that the Universe blesses this match and that the harmony between this couple is flawless. Then the K♠️ discovers that there are significant areas of discrepancy in one another’s views and desires. And the K♠️ separates. The Dreaming K♠️ needs to become more intuitive, more empathic, and more caring before a harmonious loving compatible relationship will arise. The Dreaming K♠️ that recognizes distinctions between personal desires and inclinations and the desires and inclinations of any given partner and who studies these differences with breadth and depth does establish a wonderful harmonious relationship. The Dreaming K♠️ is quite capable of leading a partner into Heaven.

The Waking K♠️ changes one’s mind about the nature of financial transactions and relationships that bring shared value. In the world, people come together (each possessing skills or materials) to coparticipate in the sharing and creation of value. The Waking K♠️ starts off with one plan that is agreed to by all parties and then changes one’s mind. Alternately, the K♠️ gets into interactions in which the other party changes their mind. The K♠️ becomes gradually aware that allowing adjustments to plans is a major key to success. It is not required that a change of thinking destroys shared value and work. Change can be good and it is part of the natural Universe. The Waking K♠️ gradually adjusts to the continuing need to make adjustments to projects that result in shared value. The K♠️ is known for being a very hard worker and getting tremendous projects completed to great success. The Waking K♠️ benefits greatly when working long and hard on projects.

Today is a good day to share value with others with any necessary adjustments as the road to loving relationships is paved with empathic caring and that is Heaven.