Today on the Jack of Clubs in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the Waking Spread which is the Two of Spades. This reading is about certain aspects of the Two of Spades.

The 2♠️ attracts work and experience. Habit patterns impact the types of coupling one chooses and the level and sustainability of coupling. The 2♠️ brings alot of energy to activities, but also quite a bit of ego; so long as partners are fully occupied and busy, tension may be controlled; but once there is time to rest and reflect, resentments may arise. The 2♠️ does well to take a leadership role in cooperative ventures by initiating projects and directing collaborators. So long as the 2♠️ maintains the role of expert through evident expertise, others will cooperate.

8♣️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 2♠️ needs to fully understand a project when initiated, so collaborators will recognize the benefit of cooperation. When properly presented, others will see the value for themselves of working with the 2♠️. The 2♠️ learns to balance the desires of personal goal fulfillment with the pleasures of working with others. There will be surprises along the way such that the 2♠️ will suffer the loss of affection more than the loss of accomplishment.

The J♣️ Sleeping Mirror shows that the 2♠️ undergoes a creative process thru cooperation with a partner. There is sacrifice required to cooperate on activities with others. The 2♠️ must sacrifice part or even all of one’s planned rewards from an activity in order to complete a project. The 2♠️ will also be required to sacrifice part or all of one’s ideas and judgments about a project in order to cooperatively complete it. And yet, with these sacrifices are the rewards of beautiful feelings and ideas for new and better projects that will be done subsequently. The 2♠️ gets value from every cooperative venture whether one’s personal goals are met or not.

Today is a good day to partner with others with awareness of the sacrifices that will be part of the process and the rewards that may not be immediate but will most certainly become apparent.