Today on the Eight of Clubs in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the Waking Spread which is the Queen of Diamonds. This reading is about certain aspects of the Queen of Diamonds.

The Q♦️ leads with values with active and receptive qualities. When dreaming, the Q♦️ attempts to decide who and what is valuable and deserving of support. When awakened, the Q♦️ recognizes self as a prosperous individual who participates in the money cycle of sharing in which all of one’s needs and many of one’s desires are met and exceeded while others grow in prosperity partly through the receipt of value through oneself.

The 5♣️ Waking Mirror shows that the current experience is mentally unstable and restless. Most worries dissipate once the Q♦️ takes reasonable risks with one’s values including one’s money to fulfill one’s desires. The distribution of value is the main agitation that causes instability. Eventually the Q♦️ realizes that peace and tranquility is more valuable than any treasure.

The 7♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that in the past the Q♦️ has attempted to maintain equanimity in all values decisions. The need for security has in the past led to the Q♦️ deciding that one loves some people but not others. To the great surprise of the Q♦️, from time to time, the Q♦️has been able to act creatively and without attachment to wealth and still achieve success.

The 8♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the Q♦️ identifies most strongly with storing value to later be shared by trading for wonderful things for oneself. The Q♦️ is becoming one that discusses ideas and co-creates products with others. As one spends on products and one’s values, one is surrounded by others’ love and affection.

The past has included imbalanced attitudes toward wealth and success, currently one recognizes that a change in values is imminent, and in the future one stores value for the express purpose of using it on things and services that one values.