Today on the Four of Clubs in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the Waking Spread which is the Eight of Spades. This reading is about certain aspects of the Eight of Spades.

The 8♠️ concentrates experience and manifestation. When unconscious, the 8♠️ may order others to work hard or may order others to work in a particular manner. The 8♠️ is capable of inspiring others to work cooperatively to get big important projects completed, but there is work to be done within oneself to balance optimism versus pessimism in cooperative efforts. When awakened, the 8♠️ makes steady progress in thought and communication with others. In fact, the 8♠️ can become so clear with self and others that there is a telepathic quality between themselves and others. The 8♠️ is capable of producing a rich mental landscape that acts as an antenna for foreign ideas that are then tested against one’s refined inner world for purity and usefulness.

In the future, the 8♠️ is a transformer that re-energizes self and others constantly with innovation and efforts. In one’s prayers that happen unconsciously, one identifies as a ball of light and power that restores itself and others with limitless strength. But constant change is required as the world does also constantly change, and the 8♠️’s inner wisdom requires constant change.

The 3♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 8♠️ creates freely much of the time, and at other times the 8♠️ doubts oneself and hesitates to make needed changes in direction. The 8♠️ has all needed intelligence and creativity to make instant changes. It is needed that one learn to follow one’s gut as though one is a divining pendulum with perfect precision. Sometimes, mistakes will be made and even the mistakes will work out alright so long as one acted as a pendulum in the divining process as this process of decision, success, and failure strengthens one’s self reliance.

The 9♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 8♠️ has the capacity to lead a prosperous life but tends to worry when there are large expenses that there will not be sufficient time and energy to replace these funds. It is vital to identify with both giver and receiver in every transaction so that one does not prefer selling over buying or gaining over lessening. In order to gain, another must lessen. In order to earn, another must spend. The 8♠️ has time and patience to restore losses. More important is the living and enjoying of experience that takes place in between a gain and a loss. Focus more on living, experiencing, and enjoying; focus less on financial position, losses, and gains.

Today is a good day to do a tremendous amount of living; one has abundant energy to experience and manifest; within a busy vibrant day are laden simple conversations of meaning and joy with others that prove one’s favorite part of the whole experience.