Today on the Ace of Clubs in Scorpio, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Pluto card in the Waking Spread which is the Five of Spades. This reading is about certain aspects of the Five of Spades. This is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/9, 2/7, 3/5, 4/3, 5/1.

The 5♠️ changes experience. Adventure is needed on a regular basis. The 5♠️ has difficulty sitting still without varied activities. Yet, the 5♠️ is often doing routine work for years at a time while staying in one place due to attachment to others and security obligations. The 5♠️ has lots of emotional involvements that tie one down.

When unconsciously motivated, the 5♠️ acts as a caretaker often to a wide variety of individuals. Though the desire for adventure may be suppressed and irritability may be heightened, the 5♠️ leads with love and understanding. There is a nobility to this card that willingly accepts the burdens to care for those suffering even while suffering immensely oneself while deprived of much needed wandering, discovering, and adventuring. The awakened 5♠️ builds a strong and lasting foundation of value that includes personal preferences, spiritual beliefs, political association, and financial wealth. With this firm grounded foundation, the 5♠️ takes steps of adventure with excitement and yearning. The awakened 5♠️ leads a life of increasing individualism.

The K♦️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 5♠️ longs for wealth and power. The 5♠️ is a good business leader, and one has the capacity to make wise business decisions. The 5♠️ is likely to encounter K♦️ individuals or mature business leaders that irritate them violently and unexpectedly. The K♦️ individual represents the ability to dump the current life and move forward with cherished plans. When the 5♠️ is not prepared for the wild adventure that defines one’s existence, others that appear to be in control of their destinies are a challenging sight to behold.

The A♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 5♠️ bears limitless curiosity for the secrets that can unfold through study of culture and conversation with strangers. The 5♠️ can be very angry with others that demonstrate significant curiosity into one’s personal business. Alternately, the 5♠️ could be intensely attracted to a curious individual. The 5♠️ learns many things and personally benefits immensely through romance, but love matters are not taken lightly at all.

The 6❤️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 5♠️ naturally inclines to maintain peace with others. For the sake of peace, the 5♠️ does not pursue personal goals in life due to trying to placate others that present their own intense desires. There are untapped avenues of peace always available to the 5♠️ that enable one to fully pursue one’s own goals while contributing or at least not interfering with others’ goals. Gradually, as life unfolds, the 5♠️ discovers many variations of diplomacy that maintain peace while one lives one own life.

The 5♠️ may pursue one’s version of adventure while continuing to build a valuable foundation that includes emotional involvement and affection for others.