Today on the Nine of Hearts in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the Nine of Diamonds. This reading is primarily about the 9❤️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 8/30, 9/28, 10/26, 11/24, 12/22.

The 9❤️ completes cycles of feeling. Endings of friendships, love relationships, and the natural life cycle of family are all emphasized. However, this card is more fully involved in relationships than many other cards. Relationship and all that relationships provide is the primary attraction for this card. One tends to think that proper planning and some luck is sufficient for success and happiness in all things, and while in the middle of events and relationships that are prospering, there is ample evidence that this is true. However, dealing with the ending of things that come to a natural ending can feel like being the enemy of an old powerful king in heaven.

Early life requires intense efforts and attention to a neutral attitude to make improvements. Love relationships are often a checklist of positives and negatives to see if there is overall value in a pairing. One will be intensely demanding of oneself in one’s activities and interests; these demands can spill over into quarrels with others; a strict mentor is of value for advance. Creative drive and non-conformity are the fuel of one’s success; encourage new, different, and better in business and spiritual growth; but act in integrity at all times. Those born December 22nd and all between ages 28-34 and 52-64 should be prepared for setbacks in one’s efforts; there will be loss of preferred objects, privileges, and wealth while making one’s most powerful efforts; take heart in one’s own strength while giving healthy respect to powerful others. Practicing mental and verbal integrity keeps one honest and strengthens one’s faith; there will be recognition in work for one’s efforts. Communication can be muddled especially in one’s closest relationships because one’s personal desires cloud one’s perceptions and judgments in discussion. It is recommended that one only take the role of authority with others when one has fully earned the right with complete research and experience; otherwise one’s usurping of authority and privilege will be temporary.

Strike a balance between detailed planning and co-creative relationships with others; relationship harmony arises from the rush to love and all the experience and lessons that arise once relationships deepen and demand adjustments.