Today on the Jack of Diamonds in Pisces, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Neptune card in the Waking Spread which is the Queen of Hearts. This reading is primarily about the J♦️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/16, 2/14, 3/12, 4/10, 5/8, 6/6, 7/4, and 8/2.

The J♦️ youthfully, creatively, courageously,and sometimes recklessly demonstrates personal values including the production and use of wealth. When Unconscious, one neglects to honor personal preferences, and instead one divides one’s energy and efforts between two or more choices to provide limited success with limited cost. When Awakened, one uses mental talent to follow one’s preferred path while accepting that disciplined efforts often require some suffering and deprivation.

In early life and pervading one’s thinking; family and relationship harmony is of utmost importance; yet values easily vacillate as one develops. One is attracted to firm values, and one seeks wealth and new values. One gets needs met by working together with others, but there is a need to develop and wield intellectual strength. In mid-life and when leading a life balancing the material and spiritual, personal and social charisma strengthen, and one seeks and gains love and companionship. As one matures through obstacles, delays, and struggles; one is held responsible for thinking and communicating; one is required to keep secrets or work diligently to uncover them when needed. As one ages and becomes aware of inconsistencies between opinions and experiences, work is steady; also an addictive habit can develop and be difficult to break. In old age and as one retires to contemplate, pray, and meditate during the years 42-48, 78-90, and all one’s life for those born March 12th; nurture and pleasure are a focus; one may develop compassionate empathy easily

The K❤️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the J♦️loves people. Fortune flows from friends and family as well as complete strangers, because everyone experiences one as a friend. And one feels friendly in general toward others. However, at times oneself or others may make unacceptable demands on another which will be rebuffed. Others and oneself deserve respect.

The 6♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the J♦️is surprised by events that have been placed in motion at least by one’s receptivity. One is predisposed to certain life events by one’s own actions and also by one’s inclinations. Inclinations and habits do not suddenly change most of the time without a push from a trusted person or an unexpected event that impresses one of the need for change.

The 6♣️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the J♦️has difficulty taking responsibility for one’s thinking and speaking. Self awareness leads to voluntary responsibility, so one should make effort to become aware. Many life events will be easier and more fortunate as one increases self knowledge.

Personal sacrifice leads to creative success with one’s values.