Today on the Seven of Clubs in Aries, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mars card in the Waking Spread which is the Jack of Clubs. This reading is primarily about the 7♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 3/29, 4/27, 5/25, 6/23, 7/21, 8/19, 9/17, 10/15, 11/13, and 12/11.

The 7♣️ addresses limits in thinking and communicating by recognizing which methods work and which methods do not work. When Unconscious, one uses discussion with others to maintain a belief that one is special; though it is possible to use discussion to uncover one’s own soul and the encumbrances to its continual revelation. When Awakened, one attracts oneself to partnership that requires work, discipline, and humility as one wants self improvement as a way of life rather than a reward for successful completion of a material goal.

In early life and pervading one’s thinking; a change of values is desired, and one hungers for love and affection. One is attracted to self discipline and apprenticeship, but one may struggle with shame and the inclination to cheat. One gets needs met during the years 14-20, 26-38, and all one’s life for those born March 29th and November 13th by daring creative communication, but one runs the risk of inappropriate motives influencing choices. In mid-life and when leading a life balancing the material and spiritual, charity and financial brilliance that hold hands lead to great wealth. As one matures through obstacles, delays, and struggles; physical weakness or limitations force one to become determined to behave deliberately, and one gains tremendous stamina. As one ages and becomes aware of inconsistencies between opinions and experiences; discussion with others reveals hidden agendas, and one takes command of one’s roles; it is common for one to prefer isolation to avoid revelations. In old age and as one retires to contemplate, pray, and meditate; one takes full responsibility for thinking and communicating.

The Q♦️Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 7♣️ has a wealth of knowledge to share with self and others, but it is painful to share. Sharing knowledge uncovers scars and one instinctively seeks to protect against re-injury. One is quite skilled in conversation about values, and one needs to share ideas in order to purify one’s own ideas and personal values.

The 2♣️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 7♣️ needs to convey information and value to others. Sharing information uncovers secrets that one may not be ready to reveal.

As Sleeping Jupiter Crown, the 7♣️ has the capacity to present the most perfect knowledge in a complete form that is appreciated due to the disciplined effort that was required to produce it. Once one has brought forth this knowledge, one’s work in this life time may be complete, or at least one will begin a new life that is unrelated to the old.

The commitment to follow knowledge to its source and out to its ends leads to many conversations that reveal unexpected details that test one’s commitment to truth at all costs.