Today on the Six of Clubs in Cancer, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Moon card in the Waking Spread which is the Eight of Hearts. This reading is primarily about the 6♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 3/30, 4/28, 5/26, 6/24, 7/22, 8/20, 9/18, 10/16, 11/14, and 12/12.

The 6♣️ responds to the environment including others with unwavering thought and words. When Unconscious, one exercises control over others as one is certain one’s goals are right and one doesn’t bother to consider the healthy needs of others. When Awakened, one thinks how sharing production and enjoyment of value produces wealth, love, and harmony.

One comes into this life with a conscious mind and a subconscious mind. These are usually conceptualized as the Waking State and the Dreaming State, but they actually blend all of the time and most especially for Cancers such as the 6♣️ born 6/24 and 7/22. In one’s sub-conscious mind one is driven to motivate self and others with emotional power that needs to be done with the highest and best in mind at all times as karmic debt is easily accrued with these cards.

In early life and pervading one’s conscious thinking; one acts mechanically until one notices what others think at which time one modifies behavior. One is attracted in adolescence and young adulthood by pleasure, but one easily feels mistreated and lonely. One gets needs met, one generates much energy, and one may have conflict excellent success oriented effort that deliver significant gains. In mid-life and when leading a life balancing the material and spiritual, one works together with partners to develop success in values that may often include finance and investment. As one matures through obstacles, delays, and struggles; mental habits and tendencies can provoke lawsuits through which one may prevail but at heavy cost and effort. As one ages and becomes aware of inconsistencies between opinions and experiences, one is faced with options to modify thinking in order to love more feeely. In old age and as one retires to contemplate, pray, and meditate; sharing of values and the development of self-worth are highlighted.

The 5♦️ Dreaming/Waking Mirrors indicate that the 6♣️ monitors thoughts and communication with intent to modify values so that life becomes more joyous and less troubled by mental habits.

The J♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 6♣️ has the capacity to materially benefit from awareness of opportunities.

Determined ideas and plans take one far enough to change one’s values fundamentally later.