Today on the Ten of Diamonds in Leo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Sun card in the Waking Spread which is also the 10♦️; so Leos born on 8/3 are considered Double 10♦️. This reading is primarily about the 10♦️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/17, 2/15, 3/13, 4/11, 5/9, 6/7, 7/5, 8/3, and 9/1.

The 10♦️achieves desires and experiences the satisfaction of success. When Unconscious, one is attached to exclusive desires that force others outside one’s inner circle of contentment. When Awakened, one’s discipline cleaves personal flaws and facilitates enduring modesty and dedication to excellence.

One gets needs met, one generates much energy, and one may have conflict when desiring and introducing value for which one is able to work with unlimited energy. In mid-life and when leading a life balancing the material and spiritual; wealth is accumulated due to mastery and excellence. In old age and as one retires to contemplate, pray, and meditate; energy for action rises up as a coiled snake unfurls and one strikes one’s goal with instinctive fury as one’s goals are ever more clear.

The 6♥️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 10♦️wrestles with attachment to family and the status quo in society versus following an artistic path that leads to an ideal life that honors personal excellence.

As Double Waking Jupiter, the 10♦️has the ability to identify with ideals and gain material benefits while following personal ideals.

The 9♠️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 10♦️is capable of giving everything that is required to achieve and maintain success. Letting go of all limiting factors, one makes oneself receptive to cooperative effort and all tasks are completed for success.

Heaven on Earth is accomplished with decisive action.