Today on the Nine of Diamonds in Leo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Sun card in the Waking Spread which is also the 9♦️; so Leos born on 8/4 are considered Double 9♦️. This reading is primarily about the 9♦️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/18, 2/16, 3/14, 4/12, 5/10, 6/8, 7/6, 8/4, and 9/2.

The 9♦️refines values and enjoys the benefits of prosperity which often includes heavy expenses related to the enjoyment of value. When Unconscious, one tries to hold on to values that are ready to complete because one is attached to things as one is attached to family and mental peace is threatened by losses. When Awakened, one is prepared to lose or exchange values and one takes a proactive position toward the movement and change of values in order to stay in the flow of events without resistance.

In early life and pervading one’s conscious thinking; there is a right way to behave and a wrong way; one feels guilty and ashamed when one misbehaves. One gets needs met, one generates much energy, and one may have conflict following excellent leaders or being an excellent leader; either way one strives to maintain relationships.

The 8♠️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 9♦️has difficulty cooperating with others or following the lead of others in shared activities. One intends to accomplish a great deal of work, and one does not easily appreciate the contribution of others.

The J♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 9♦️has much talent to draw on. However, talent and ability can go to one’s head and interfere with success. Maintain the perspective of modesty and strive like all others do for the best results.

The 4♣️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 9♦️must have peace and mental order to know personal motives and to accept oneself. Take time for peace.

It is better to give than to receive; someone always gives when one receives.