Today on the 6♦️ in Virgo, we find the Planetary Ruling Cards by counting to the Mercury cards in the Waking Spread which are the 4♠️/K♥️. This reading is primarily about the 6♦️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/21, 2/19, 3/17, 4/15, 5/13, 6/11, 7/9, 8/7, 9/5, 10/3, and 11/1.

The 6♦️ continues value efforts as one experiences the results of past efforts. When Unconscious, one has difficulty refining mental concepts that have grown stale and need refinement; one benefits from new ideas and youthful persons. When Awakened, one develops plans that appeal to one’s heart which provides abundant energy for goals.

The K♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 6♦️tends to be bossy always telling others what to do, what to say, and what to think. Working with others effectively is a necessity that can be mastered. Take to heart the truth that it is you that needs to change when partnership has difficulty on a regular basis. Be the one that cares more for others than whatever task is at hand. As a great benefic soul, one accomplishes whatever needs to be done.

The 10♠️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 6♦️works hard and sometimes too hard. Working smart is always the best start to working hard. Keep group harmony and family harmony high on one’s intent while pursuing goals.

The 5♣️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 6♦️does well to stay open to changing ideas. When others question one’s motives or methods, one does well to request feedback with a mind to change. A little bit of change can be just the oil a well run machine requires to move even faster and cooler.

You know where you’re coming from and where you’re headed; now imagine yourself having accomplished all goals as though they weren’t of particular interest to you to cultivate non-attachment.