Today on the K♣️ in Virgo, we find the Planetary Ruling Cards by counting to the Mercury cards in the Waking Spread which are the J♦️/7♣️. This reading is primarily about the K♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/27, 2/25, 3/23, 4/21, 5/19, 6/17, 7/15, 8/13, 9/11, 10/9, 11/7, and 12/5.

The K♣️ masters, guides, and directs thought and communication. When Unconscious, one does not form cooperative relationships as old habits lead one to not recognize others’ individuality and independence; one must claim responsibility for partnerships that are destroyed by one’s own stubbornness. When Awakened, one concentrates personal power through responsible and necessary speech to assist partners to access value in relationships so that both get what is truly valued by each as individuals.

The 6♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the K♣️ has significant values one has been working on since early childhood attempting to realize them. One has such strong opinions that stem from these efforts for a perfect world that one has been unconsciously striving for many years. Some of these goals are exemplary, and some are merely idealistic but unrealistic. Gradually, one must sort the useful from the useless and make adjustments to personal ideals.

As Double Waking Uranus, the K♣️ is a reformer that leaves no stone unturned in the zeal to change the way things are done in one’s environment. Everything is off kilter and needs to be adjusted. This task is great and varied, so one is always busy attempting to make the corrections and directing others to help. Of course, some of this effort serves a useful purpose for many persons, some of this effort serves only oneself, and some serves none.

The 8♣️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the K♣️ has the depth and breadth of thought to tackle every goal. One develops powerful organizing capacity. One studies situations from every angle and one develops solutions where there are known or anticipated difficulties. One may be unaware that there is responsibility to not misuse this mental power if one is not yet aware that one does possess this power. As one becomes aware how great is one’s ability to focus one also takes responsibility for persuasive power one wields.

Relationships have a mind of their own when the seed of their primacy is well nourished with deep thought. Relationships easily seem fated, because events flow from intentions.