Today on the 8♥️ in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the 8♦️. This reading is primarily about the 8♥️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 8/31, 9/29, 10/27, 11/25, and 12/23.

The 8♥️ concentrates and controls feelings. One struggles to live on life’s terms which often diverge sharply from personal needs and desires. One does well to sensitize oneself to others’ feelings and learn to approach others with care as then others have an opportunity to get to know and like one for innate qualities.

The 2♥️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 8♥️ wants to have complete personal love relationships. One is extremely curious about a potential or current lover, and curiosity can kill the cat. When participating in relationships of any sort, one should direct most of one’s curiosity at oneself. It is with oneself, that one is most surely destined to live and grow, thus knowing oneself should be utmost in the mind.

The A♦️ Waking Mirror indicates  that the 8♥️ seeks value to gain and to introduce to others. It is important to keep love burning brightly when choosing partners for business and pleasure. If a partner appears to be more greedy than loving, it is best to maintain clear boundaries.

The 3♥️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 8♥️ is learning  to express feelings freely and without reserve or discrimination. Free-flowing affection stokes wisdom, prosperity, and self-mastery.

One’s own gut calls for control of feeling to develop personal talents and values.