Today on the 6♠️ in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the 3♥️. This reading is about the 6♠️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/8, 2/6,  3/4, and 4/2.

The 6♠️ perseveres in goals and efforts from the past. One struggles to let go of aspects of the past that are not productive while refining productive efforts to make them more efficient. One does well to partner with others for shared activities and to invite creativity that others offer in partnership.

The 8♣️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that the 6♠️ wants to control and direct communication. One is idealistic, and one prefers to maintain consistent efforts without divergence that may arise from the ideas that others bring to a situation.

The J♦️ Waking Mirror indicates that the 6♠️ discovers value as though these treasures are gifts in the Garden of Eden. There is a tendency to over-indulge and to be taken off-balance by abundance and by the friction between wants and needs. One does well to consider how each valuable treasure that is presented helps one accomplish long term goals, and then one capitalizes on the resource as an effective fuel.

The 10♥️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that the 6♠️ is learning that there is ample support and assistance in one’s life. In fact, one has significant changes one would implement if one felt supported and secure enough to advance some modifications to one’s life path. Some of these changes are more aligned with personal values, and making these changes establishes a more firm foundation.

Carry out goals with perseverance, and allow innate cheerfulness to be freely expressed especially when it feels like parts of one’s very self are being destroyed (for one’s own salvation and personal security).