Today on the 9♣️ in Aquarius, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Uranus card in the Waking Spread which is the 4♣️. This reading is primarily about the 9♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates: 1/31, 2/29, 3/27, 4/25, 5/293, 6/21, 7/19, 8/17, 9/15, 10/13, 11/11, and 12/9.

The 9♣️ refines and completes plans and communications. One struggles to nurture oneself and others when obstacles arise in implementation of goals. One does well to remain ever focused on achieving values one has been striving to achieve.

The 4♥️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that one wants to build a secure emotional life and harmonious family life. Security in all areas of life is a prerequisite for emotional strength and harmony.

The 5♥️ Waking Mirror indicates that one changes feelings and relationships much of the time. When one does not feel there is a firm foundation of values including financial values, it I easier to feel irritated in relationships that lead one emotionally out of bounds with personal values. One does well to readily change plans and communications with others as situations feel uncomfortable, because one uses relationships to understand personal needs.

As Double Sleeping Neptune, one is learning to meditate, astral project, and lucid dream all for the purpose of accelerating mental growth and advance existing goals to the next level. One has learned much already in this life, and one is prepared to learn much more by skipping over difficult situations and instead receiving direct knowledge from Spiritual Source.

Mental retreat permits the space that is needed to advance without resistance to one’s most accomplished experience, wherein excellent judgment is the way of being and trial-and-error fades into the past.