Today on the 10♣️ in Gemini, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mercury card in the Waking Spread which is the 8♦️. This reading is primarily about the 10♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates:  1/30, 2/28, 3/26, 4/24, 5/22, 6/20, 7/18, 8/16, 9/14, 10/12, 11/10, and 12/8.

The 10♣️ uses knowledge successfully to accomplish goals.

The J♥️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that you need take care of essential tasks, but you tend to be an idealist and you will sacrifice much for love. Be sure to establish your own security before trying to save the world.

As Waking Mars Crown, you are highly motivated to accomplish goals quickly. You work vigorously and with quickness. You want to put your knowledge to work. Decide what you are doing and immediately begin. You accomplish much quickly.

The 5♦️Sleeping Mirror shows that you are learning to mold yourself to excellence by surrendering old worn out values that no longer bring fulfillment. You are inviting knowledge, discipline, and wisdom.

You put knowledge and discipline to work to do impressive things. You have so much energy employed and growth stimulated that your feelings run high and you tend to be temperamental. Expect your feelings to fluctuate and expect this be reflected in the stability of relationships.

Notable Events 6/20 10♣️/8♦️:

Alexander Graham Bell installs the world’s first commercial telephone service in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada (1877)

Lizzie Borden is acquitted of the murders of her father and stepmother (1893)

Following the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Soviet Union and the United States sign an agreement to establish the so-called “red telephone” link between Washington and Moscow (1963)

The film Jaws is released in the United States, becoming the highest-grossing film of that time and starting the trend of films known as “summer blockbusters” (1975)

Chet Atkins, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and producer (1924)

Fritz Koenig, German sculptor and academic, designed The Sphere (1924)

Audie Murphy, American lieutenant and actor, Medal of Honor recipient (born 1925)

Martin Landau, American actor and producer (born 1928)

Edgar Bronfman, Sr., Canadian-American businessman and philanthropist (born 1929)

Brian Wilson, American singer-songwriter and producer (born 1942)

Lionel Richie, American singer-songwriter, pianist, producer, and actor (born 1949)

John Goodman, American actor (born 1952)

Nicole Kidman, American-Australian actress (born 1967)