Today on the 6♣️ in Cancer, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Moon card in the Waking Spread which is the 8♥️. This reading is primarily about the 6♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates:  3/30, 4/28, 5/26, 6/24, 7/22, 8/20, 9/18, 10/16, 11/14, and 12/12.

The 6♣️ persists with thoughts and beliefs though resistance is experienced. Others may not agree or understand, but common ground can be found that benefits all.

The 5♦️ Dreaming/Waking Mirror indicates that some beliefs and methods of communication should change to enable creative development of value and sharing of benefits. The whole purpose of disciplined thinking, philosophical practice, and determined planning and structured agreements is to provide lasting benefits. But sometimes you’re in a rut, and despite all your determination and discipline, the benefits are limited. When you recognize that you are not getting the full benefit from your efforts, then openness to change of values is appropriate. A new or adjusted goal may be what is needed to get improved value from your disciplined efforts.

The J♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that you are learning to recognize hidden value and seize it before others even notice it. You have a tendency to work longer, harder, and with greater intensity than others; but you often miss easy opportunities for gain while struggling under burdensome tasks. As you lift your view from grueling work, you notice the environment. It may be that you just need a break that makes you happy because you seldom take one when you need it. Life is coming alive for you. You are awakening to a more vibrant life.

You are charismatic despite your controlled reserve, and increasingly you discover the intense desire for value that you bear as you show others many things and ideas of value.

Notable Events 6/24 6♣️/8♥️:

The first Republican constitution in France is adopted (1793)

Mary Pickford becomes the first female film star to sign a million-dollar contract (1916)

A bloodless revolution instigated by the People’s Party ends the absolute power of King  Prajadhipok of Siam (now 
Thailand) (1932)

Kenneth Arnold makes the first widely reported UFO sighting  near Mount Rainier, Washington, leading to the coining of the phrase “flying saucer” (1947)

In Roth v. United States, the U.S. Supreme Court rules that obscenity is not protected by the First Amendment (1957)

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi  is found guilty of abusing his power and engaging in sex with an underage prostitute, and is sentenced to seven years in prison (2013)

Ambrose Bierce, American short story writer, essayist, and journalist (born 1842)

Roy O. Disney, American businessman, co-founded The Walt Disney Company (born 1893)

Jack Dempsey, American boxer and soldier (born 1895)

Chuck Taylor, American basketball player and salesman (born 1901)

Pearl Witherington, French secret agent (born 1914)

Jeff Beck, English guitarist and songwriter (born 1944)

Robert Reich, American economist and politician, 22nd United States Secretary of Labor (born 1946)

Ralph E. Reed, Jr., American journalist and activist; founded the Christian Coalition; one day with justice he will be tried for domestic terrorism (born 1961)