Today on the 4♣️ in Leo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Sun card in the Waking Spread which is itself. This date is called the Double 4♣️. This reading is about the 4♣️ which is the Birth Card of the following dates:  4/30, 5/28, 6/26, 7/24, 8/22, 9/20, 10/18, 11/16, and 12/14.

The 4♣️ becomes aware of the patterns of thought and one allows the patterns to organize into systems that become solid.

As Double Dreaming Mars, you feel assaulted by the environment and by events. You discover that you are effective dealing with crisis and conflict. Not every challenge is hostile, and you learn to aggressively defend you rights and your desires with intentionally offending others.

The 10♥️ Waking Mirror indicates that you are able to be caring and loving toward many others when you are at peace in your own skin. When you know your own mental self, you are not upset by thoughts of others’ intentions. You are forgiving toward self and toward others. You exude compassion as you work lovingly with your own personal issues.

The 9♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that you are learning that many surprises that cause you to seek a sudden escape from a situation do not have to be a catastrophe for you or for partners. There are losses that occur, and there are gains. You win some, and you lose some. You are learning to savor success and bear struggle with ease.

You seek peace and tranquility most of all. Sometimes you prefer to work with others to build peace. Other times you recognize that peace is entirely an inside job that requires much outer work in all areas of life but it must primarily be done by oneself.

Notable Events for 7/24 4♣️:

After 17 months of travel, Brigham Young leads 148 Mormon pioneers into Salt Lake Valley, resulting in the establishment of Salt Lake City (1847)

The draft of the British Mandate of Palestine was formally confirmed by the Council of the League of Nations; it came into effect on 26 September 1923 (1922)

Watergate scandal: The United States Supreme Court unanimously ruled that President Richard Nixon did not have the authority to withhold subpoenaed White House tapes and they order him to surrender the tapes to the Watergate special prosecutor (1974)

Alexandre Dumas, French novelist and playwright (born 1802)

Robert Graves, English poet, novelist, critic (born 1895)

Amelia Earhart, American pilot and author (born 1897)

Gus Van Sant, American director, producer, and screenwriter (born 1952)

Claire McCaskill, American lawyer and politician (born 1953)

Barry Bonds, American baseball player (born 1964)

Jennifer Lopez, American actress, singer, and dancer (born 1969)