Today on the A♣️ in Leo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Sun card in the Waking Spread which is itself. This date is called the Double A♣️. This reading is about the Birth Card of the following dates:  5/31, 6/29, 7/27, 8/25, 9/23, 10/21, 11/19, and 12/17.

The A♣️ discovers ideas, philosophies, beliefs, religions, plans, and agreements; and one introduces these concepts to others for impassioned partnership.

The 5♠️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that you want to share adventures with a romantic partner that involves a radical departure from current lifestyle.

The 7♥️ Waking Mirror Indicates that you are often rejected when seeking out friends and lovers as others do not identify with your purpose. Repeated and difficult rejection teaches you to approach others carefully and with sensitive aware. You learn alot that would be missed by a gross approach. You discover aspects of yourself and of the other person by a gradual introduction to one another. You learn to respect self and others by a gradual involvement that expects fluctuations without resentment.

The 5♥️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that you are learning that new exciting rapturous relationships reflect changes in your own consciousness. As you explore a new relationship, you quickly discover if it is representative of the identity that you are developing sufficient to reinforce your evolution. You are learning that it is not the end of the world to terminate a great romance that doesn’t have the required ingredients for a lasting union.

The mysteries of life are key to your existence, and these are found through mastery of your discovered interests. Along the way to mastery of your interests, you discover much to treasure in the world that may eventually motivate you to master and conquer your specific areas of study.

Notable Events 7/27 A♣️:

French Revolution: Maximilien Robespierre is arrested after encouraging the execution of more than 17,000 “enemies of the Revolution” (1794)

The first permanent transatlantic telegraph cable is successfully completed, stretching from  Valentia Island, Ireland, to  Heart’s Content,  Newfoundland (1866)

Vincent van Gogh shoots himself and dies two days later (1890)

Researchers at the University of Toronto, led by biochemist  Frederick Banting, prove that the hormone insulin  regulates  blood sugar (1921)

Watergate scandal: The House of Representatives Judiciary Committee votes 27 to 11 to recommend the first article of impeachment (for obstruction of justice) against President  Richard Nixon (1974)

At a news conference, U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump expresses the hope that Russians can recover thirty thousand emails that were deleted from Hillary Clinton’s personal server (2016)

Norman Lear, American screenwriter and producer (born 1922)

Peggy Fleming, American figure skater and sportscaster (born 1948)

Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Irish actor (born 1977)