Today on the Q♥️ in Leo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Sun card in the Waking Spread which is itself. This date is called the Double Q♥️. This reading is about the Birth Card of the following dates:  7/29, 8/27, 9/25, 10/23, 11/21, and 12/19.

The Q♥️ recognizes feelings and relationships to experience and enjoy. Feelings are guideposts to wisdom as one trudges the road of happy destiny.

The 4♦️ Dreaming Mirror indicates that you want to know exactly what you do and do not believe. You may think you need to be rich only to discover wealth does not bring happiness. But you do need firm values.

As Double Waking Neptune, you enter the dream state easily to discover solutions without needing to have unnecessary experiences. You are able to comfort self and others no matter what struggles and strains may arise.

The 3♠️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that you are learning to expend massive amounts of time, energy, and resources only only the finest my heart-felt goals. It is too easy for you to spread yourself thin with effort and dissolution. Center yourself.

Nurture your passions, and you become a connoisseur and teacher. Nurture the mastery of living, and you grow wise.

Notable Events 7/29 Q♥️:

French physicist Augustin Fresnel submits his prizewinning “Memoir on the Diffraction of Light”, precisely accounting for the limited extent to which light spreads into shadows, and thereby demolishing the oldest objection to the wave theory of light (1818)

Adolf Hitler becomes leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party (1921)

A worldwide television audience of over 700 million people watch the wedding of Charles, Prince of Wales, and Lady Diana Spencer at St Paul’s Cathedral  in London (1981)

Alexis de Tocqueville, French historian and philosopher (born 1805)

Benito Mussolini, Italian fascist revolutionary and politician, 27th Prime Minister of Italy (born 1883)

Ken Burns, American director and producer (born 1953)