The 5♣️ Gemini is Similar to the K♠️ who is always Capricorn

How are they similar? They share 2 cards: 5♣️ and K♠️. The K♠️ direct ruling card is 5♣️, while the vertical ruler of the 5♣️ Gemini is the K♠️.

Both of these characters are therefore mentally dynamic (5♣️) as well as determined and driven (K♠️).

What is the difference in these characters’ cards?

January 1st K♠️ has 2♦️ vertical ruler, while 5♣️ has 3♦️ direct ruler. In a competitive situation, it is expected that the K♠️ will best the 5♣️ Gemini due to the 2♦️ coming before the 3♦️ of the 5♣️ Gemini.

Sumner Redstone is an excellent example of the Gemini 5♣️ with 3♦️ Direct Ruler and K♠️ Vertical Ruler.

This man was deeply connected to the cards. Proof for this statement? He married his first wife in 1947 and he stayed married until 1999….52 years.