Today on the 4♣️ in Virgo, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Mercury card in the Waking Spread which is 2♦️. This reading is about the 4♣️ Birth Card of 4/30, 5/28, 6/26, 7/24, 8/22, 9/20, 10/18, 11/16, and 12/14.

The 4♣️ constructs a foundation of ideas expressed through plans, strategies, and agreements.

As Double Dreaming Mars, the 4♣️ needs to act aggressively on all important plans without delay, while encouraging others to take care of their own needs.

The 10♥️ Waking Mirror indicates that one strives for internal peace that is reflected in a happy social experience. Others respond to the serenity they feel by generating openness and affection.

The 9♦️ Sleeping Mirror indicates that one is learning to recognize dissatisfaction in existing plans and agreements so that quick changes can be implemented to adjust to the current environment. 

Steady effort coupled with a sharing disposition and serenity deliver harmonious relationships.

Notable Events 9/20 4♣️/2♦️:

Crimean War: British and French troops defeat Russians at the Battle of Alma (1854)

The future King Edward VII of the United Kingdom begins the first visit to North America by a Prince of Wales (1860)

Billie Jean King beats Bobby Riggs in the Battle of the Sexes tennis match at the Houston Astrodome (1973)

The United States military ends its “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, allowing gay men and women to serve openly for the first time (2011)

Chulalongkorn, Siamese king (birth 1853)

Upton Sinclair, American novelist, critic, and essayist (birth 1878)

Jacob Grimm, German philologist and mythologist (death 1863)

Annie Besant, English theosophist and activist (death 1933)

William Seabrook, American occultist, journalist, and explorer (death 1945)

Jim Croce, American singer songwriter and guitarist, plane crash age ~30 (death 1973)

Simon Wiesenthal, Austrian human rights activist,  Holocaust survivor (death 2005)