Today on the J♠️ in Capricorn, we find the Planetary Ruling Card by counting to the Saturn card in the Waking Spread which is the 10♦️. This reading is about the J♠️ Birth Card of 1/3 and 2/1.

The J♠️ youthfully, creatively, heroically, and recklessly engages activities of health, service, and spiritual development. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

As Dreaming Mars Crown, one needs to aggressively pursue goals that may seem out of reach and beyond current abilities, because the required knowledge is already available or accessible to one who will claim it and use it.

The 9♦️ Waking Mirror must let go of desires at times regardless of the temptation to salvage value through creative means, because there is greater wealth hidden nearby that will be revealed following an initial necessary purge.

The K♥️ Sleeping Mirror learns to ensure that plans, negotiations, and agreements are all balanced and reasonable without excess or exaggeration, because one has the ability to comfort oneself and others in the face of difficulty without resorting to dishonesty.

Capricorn J♠️ works collaboratively with partners to manifest dreams into lasting significance and personal happiness.

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