The 6♣️ is born 3/30, 4/28, 5/26, 6/24, 7/22, 8/20, 9/18, 10/16, 11/14, and 12/12. The 6♣️ persists with ideals, plans, negotiations, and agreements. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

The 5♦️ Dreaming Mirror needs to co-create and share value resulting in changes to preferences.

The 5♦️ Waking Mirror persists with ideals and plans for long periods until an epiphany is experienced that results in sudden change to values.

The J♦️ Sleeping Mirror learns to reserve, concentrate, and direct intention and activities such that one is prepared for discoveries of treasure hidden in plain sight.

Cancer 6♣️/8❤️ is a natural leader that can effectively sit in judgment that is based on the balance of direct experience and empathy for others’ passionate natures.

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