The 3♦️ is born 1/24, 2/22, 3/20, 4/18, 5/16, 6/14, 7/12, 8/10, 9/8, 10/6, 11/4, and 12/2. The 3♦️selects and develops values including materials and non-material values. One combines and integrates related cards as follows to fulfill one’s life.

The 5❤️ Dreaming Mirror needs to nurture higher community minded and altruistic values to foster loving feelings and relationships of a more satisfying caliber.

The Q♠️ Waking Mirror senses one’s own leadership capacity that gradually becomes manifest as one develops chosen values through dedication without recognition.

As Sleeping Double Mars, one learns to carry out one’s values without concern that others oppose or disagree with the goals or methods one is implementing.

Cancerian 3♦️/5♣️ youthfully and heroically seizes on the values one prefers, though others disagree and one helps them change their minds to accept the values one is presenting.