Nobody knows the origin of the Tarot or of the ordinary playing card deck. Each person seeks specific personal meaning from the cards:





The cards reveal the path to one’s preferences in this life. The cards work best for those that can be honest with themselves. Tell the reader what you know, what you don’t know, and what you want. The cards can fill in the cracks. The cards may even show the way forward.

Cardology is the science of the ordinary playing card deck that proves to be not so ordinary when closely examined. The cards are actually a calendar of time, events, and personality. There are cards for each week of the year and each day of the year. How many weeks are there? The same number as there are cards: 52. How many months are there? The same number as there are Royals: 12. How many seasons are there? The same number as there are suits: 4.

What is cardology used for and how does it work?

Cardology is used to identify strengths and weaknesses and hidden information. Prediction can be performed to help one decide how to act to improve overall life experience. One may seek help in matters of knowledge, wealth, health, and love. The cards provide guidance.


Why might one consider cardology?

Thus far, ordinary playing cards have helped me to organize myself financially…knowing when to buy and when to sell. The cards have helped me with co-workers and clients and bosses…knowing when to defend my position and when to attack and when to lay low. The cards have helped me orient myself with family, knowing better when I am out of line and need to cool my boots.  I am using the cards to address my health needs.  Do understand that the cards provide information that must then be put to use by the individual for self-help.  I am a self-help seeker. I have never felt so aided as I do by the ordinary play cards.  They are a gift.